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Rooting your android mobile or tablet is risky when you have doubts or new to rooting stuff. Especially with different smartphones. So please make sure you know what you are doing and you have all the corrects tools and files. Otherwise, you may BRICK your device. We strongly suggest you use a good rooting program if you knew or not 100 % sure about rooting your device.

Note that flashing and rooting an Android mobile can cause for brick or void the devices’ warranty.


Before anything else, if this will be your first time rooting an Android phone, then here are a few things that you need to remember.

1, Within your Smartphone device settings, Activate “USB debugging mode” and “Install Apps from Unknown Sources.”

2, Never ever forget to make a full backup of your device. You will need it if things get complicated.

3, Research and understand the process of Android rooting. It is always best that you’re prepared for what you are about to do.


  • Rooting is not a risk-free procedure. You can potentially damage or permanently brick your device rendering it useless.
  • Rooting can void your warranty.
  • Android rooting is considered equivalent to hacking.
  • In some countries, Android rooting is illegal.
  • In the United States, under the DCMA, it is legal to root your smartphone. However, it is illegal to root a tablet.
  • European countries concluded that rooting a device doesn’t void the device warranty.

Here are list of root tools

One click Root Download

Mtk Android root v2.5.2. Download

Droid root v2.5.0. Download

Iroot for Windows. Download

One click jail break

Kingo root for Windows. Download

Kingo root for Android. Download

Dr.fone root Windows. Download

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