Remove Frp lock

What is frp(factory reset protection)

Google frp is a security feature by google in most new android systems ,with a google account you can protect your Android devices from unauthorized factory reset ,

It can become a problem if you sell, trade, or even give away a phone without factory resetting it, though. How it works explains why.

You have to be signed in with the “owner” account of the phone (the one you used to set it up) in order to factory reset it. That means if you give me your phone I can’t reset it without you being signed in There are random workarounds on the Internet, but they tend to get patched almost as soon as they are discovered. You’ll pretty much need to know the login details for the last account to use the phone before you can reset it and create a new owner account.

Disabling FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is simple. On most phones, it will be automatically done whenever you choose to reset the data through the phone’s settings. If your phone has an extra layer of reset protection from the company who built it or has a “find my phone” app from the company who built it, you’ll have to disable that manually.


There are different methods just as they are different Android devices to remove the Frp if you ever come across a device that is locked with the frp(Factory reset protection)

In some android devices such as versions 6 and above, you may get locked out after HARD RESET

Here are the different types of Android and the different methods of removing their Frp if you ever lost your google account credentials

Spreadtrum Android devices such as ITEL , Lenovo etc uses a light weight computer program called SPD FRP TOOL.


If you already know how to use SPD FRP TOOL and want to download it? Download it here

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