Download Google pixel Drivers

There are two methods through which you can download Google USB Driver. You can directly download the USB Driver ZIP package for Windows, or you can use the SDK Manager in Android Studio to download. We have covered both the ways below.

It is easier to install the drivers manually Than to install it with SDK

Since Google doesn’t offer PC suite application for its customers, downloading and installing the USB drivers given here is the only way to connect your Google Pixel device to a PC or Laptop computer .

Here are the list of the google pixel drivers that you can download For Windows

Google Pixel 2. 8.3mb. Adb zip . Download

Google Pixel 2 XL  8.3mb. Adb zip . Download

Google Pixel XL. 8.4mb. Adb. zip Download

Google Pixel. 8.3mb. Adb zip. Download

Google Pixel C. 8.3mb. Adb. zip. Download

Google Pixel 3 XL. 8.3mb. adb. zip. Download

Google Pixel 3. 8.3mb. Adb zip. Download

Points To Remember

Google officially provides all the USB drivers given on this page. So, if you encounter any errors while installing these USB drivers on your computer, contact their support team.

2) The USB drivers given here are only compatible with Windows operating system. So, if you are using a computer with Mac or Linux operating system, these drivers will not work.

If you can’t find your device model here comment with the model

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