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This article teaches you how to revert your iOS or other devices to a previous version of software. [1] IOS… Doing so will erase your device’s content and you won’t be able to restore using a backup from your current operating system; additionally, Apple only allows downgrading your iOS for around a week after a new iOS version is released.

For one reason or the other,people who use Iphone or ipad running on ios operating system had wanted to downgrade their device. For this reason i am helping to bring to you how to downgrade the device .

getting started

1.To downgrade the the iphone or ipad, go to the IOS software site .NOTE! An iPhone Software (IPSW) file requires authorization by Apple to implement; Apple will typically continue providing this authorization for a week after a new software update is released.

If you’re attempting to downgrade from iOS version to another iOS version for example, you’ll be able to do so within a week of that software’s update.

2.Choose your device type. You’ll click iPhone, iPad, or iPod her 3.Choose your device model. For example, you would choose the iPhone 7 (Global) for a Verizon iPhone 7.

4.Review the green links at the top of the page. You’ll typically see two links here: the current iOS (for example, iOS 10.3) and one iOS update back (e.g., iOS 10.2.1). You’ll need to click the iOS version to which you wish to downgrade.


Any red links are IPSW files that are no longer being signed by Apple. These files won’t work on your iDevice.

If you’re already running the older version of the two IPSW files listed here, you can’t downgrade.

5. Click the older update. It will usually be below the top link 6.Click Download. It’s near the bottom of the page. Doing so will prompt your IPSW file to begin downloading.

Depending on your browser, you may first need to select a save location (e.g., your computer’s desktop or document.

7. Open iTunes. It’s a white app with a multicolored musical note on it.

You may be prompted to click Download iTunes if there is an update available. If so, update iTunes and restart your computer before continuing.


8. connect your iphone to the computer and Click the “Device” icon. It’s the iPhone-shaped icon above the sidebar on the left side of the iTunes window.

9.Hold down ⇧ Shift (PC) or ⌥ Option (Mac) and click Restore iPhone. Doing so will bring up a search window wherein you can select your IPSW file.

NOTE: You must first disable the “Find My iPhone” feature if prompted to do so.

10. Click your IPSW file. It will be in the location, you saved it and the file itself will have the iTunes logo on it.


11.Click Open. It’s at the bottom of the window, Doing so will open your IPSW file in iTunes and prompt a pop-up window. Click Restore when prompted. This will cause iTunes to erase completely your iPhone and reinstall the previous edition of iOS on it.[

Once the process is complete, you can restore a previous backup to get your contacts, photos, messages, and so on back. This backup cannot be from the subsequent iOS version, or your downgrade will be lost. Good luck

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