Unlocking android

Android phone users experience the problem of locking their phones and not remembering its lock pattern, finger prints or passwords.

They try to shut people out not to gain access to their private information using different patterns and lock passwords,

The major problem of locking an Android device emanates when the lock pattern, fingerprints or password etc is forgotten.

Virtually all Android device that runs on an Android OS 4.0 and above offers a whole lot of security options to lock your smart phone.

In addition to drawing a pattern and passwords/pins, you can also slide a finger across the screen, use facial or voice recognition technology.

Regardless of which ever lock method you run on your smart phone, functionality of each should be fairly uniform across different brands.

Unlock Your Phone Using Google Account Password

This method uses your Google Recover account to unlock your phone from your lock screen. One of the perks of Google Account integration is that it’s intertwined with most devices, something that will prove useful here.

NOTE: This option is available only on some devices (Android 4.4 or lower). If you don’t have access to your Google Account, you can skip this Method

Unlocking your phone using factory reset method

NOTE: This method will delete all stored user files like photos,music,contacts etc.

To unlock, remove pattern or just hard reset/wiping Android phones ,(MTK or spreadrum devices that is most Chinese language phones). 

1- press and hold down the volume down key +power, or press and hold down volume up +power or press and hold down both buttons +power to boot the phone into recovery mode.

2-scroll to Emmcc and press power :
The phone wipes everything in it and reboot.
NOTE: if you see robot logo?

Press the power button once again and confirm to delete all user data , when wiping is complete restart the device that’s it.

NOTE again-in some devices you will have to touch the home key to select while in some devices you will use power button or volume up key to select . Enjoy

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