How to hard reset Spreadrum Android phones

Pattern lock on spreadtrum powered android phones has always proved very stubborn to unlock personally.

If you forget or entered the wrong pin, password or pattern and you are locked out, it becomes really hard to fix it since Itel/spreadtrum devices don’t easily boot into recovery mode like Mediatek devices.

Here is easy way to factory reset and wipe pattern and pin lock on spreadtrum phones especially Itel.

This simple trick works on most of the spreadtrum android phones like Itel, MBO, BML, Spreadtrum Tecno clones etc

With this method, you can save yourself from flashing an incompatible ROM which might even brick your device and make things worst. Using this method to hard reset your spreadtrum android phone will not in any way replace your firmware.

What is a Hard Reset?

hard reset, also known as a factory or master reset, is a software restore for an electronic device, bringing it back to its original and default state, as though you had just opened it out of its box and begun using the operating system for the first time.

That means you can expect to find all your data and settings erased, and you will need to take the necessary steps to start using the device once again, which includes setting up an account if your operating system requires one.

Some operating systems such as Android require you to sign in to your Google account after a hard reset, so make sure you have your Google email address and password handy if your smartphone runs on Android.

The way you take a hard reset will vary between devices. You can contact your device manufacturer for the procedure or search for the words “hard reset,” followed by the name of your device.

Why Take a Hard Reset?

Sometimes it can be hard to determine whether you need to take a hard reset or not in order to rectify a problem. The easiest way of knowing whether or not you need to take a hard reset is by trying the soft reset first.

Taking hard resets is not always about solving issues, though. Also common is to take a hard reset to purposefully wipe all data before you sell or hand over the smartphone to someone else. That way, you will keep your privacy, and they will never know what data you had on the smartphone before it leaves your possession.

You should take a hard reset if you want to achieve any of these things:

  • Factory reset the device
  • Wipe all data on the device
  • Bypass the screen lock on the device
  • Restore the Android factory defaults on the device

The following tutorial demonstrates how to hard reset the itel P12 smartphone so you can restore it to its factory defaults.

How it is done on spreadum android devices

You can apply the hard reset/factory reset from the itel spreadrum adnroid ’s bootloader menu. Here is how you can do that:

1. Hold down the Power button to turn off the smartphone.

2. Restart the smartphone holding the Power + Volume Up buttons simultaneously for around three seconds.

3. Let go of the two buttons you were holding when you see the Android Recovery menu.

4. Use the Volume buttons to scroll through the list and select Wipe data/factory reset, and then confirm your selection by pressing the Power button.

5. When it asks if you want to Wipe all user data? This CANNOT BE UNDONE!, use the Volume buttons to select Yes, and then press the Power button to confirm the command.

6. Wait until you get a message at the bottom of the display that says something akin to … Set Factory Reset done … Data wipe complete.

7. When you get back to the Android Recovery screen again, use the Volume buttons to scroll through the list and select Reboot system now, and confirm your selection by pressing the Power button.

8. Once the operating system restarts, you can start using the device again if you like.


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